Who are we?

In today's consumption world, the importance and value of packaging is gradually increasing. In the face of changing and evolving needs, besides the product's own features, the packaging on the product appears as a criterion. EM Plastik, which is aware of all these, uses its experience gained since 2008 to produce better quality packaging materials for its customers. EM Plastik not only follows the changing and renewed packaging products in technology, but also serves its customers as a solution partner with its R&D activities.

The products of our company, which continues its R & D activities in line with the demands of its customers, quickly and correctly, are produced from its derivatives, and are produced in a way that is the fastest in nature and does not harm the environment. Textile industry, especially stationery retailing, industrial, such as automotive, etc. can cater to many sectors with a wide range of products.

Our Vision

As EM Plastik, we are aware that our responsibility is not limited to only our products. We also provide consultancy for our customers, care for environment and nature during/after production process in order to support future of our world.

Our Mission

To ensure that our country can compete with world giants technically and economically with its knowledgeable and experienced personnel structure and to work to make our company name identical with the concept of quality. Its aim is to provide economical and advanced plastic film products to the industry globally.